Business and Community Outreach Specialist


It’s been said that “Customers Vote with Their Dollars”
Which leads me to this question: “how many votes are you getting?”

What would your business look like if you had an online (web-based) manager to handle your invoicing, team members, calendar management and customer service issues?

  • How are you using your website to increase customer base?
  • Are you experiencing an increase in business and community relationships?
  • What  action should you take today to move your business to the next level?
  • When was the last time you didn’t lay awake at night worrying about your income?

I offer over 7 years of experience as an Independent Contractor with a vast knowledge and skill set that is used by profit and nonprofit businesses throughout the United States. I have a basic list of packages listed, however, most clients choose to have a customized plan designed strictly for their business growth needs.

Experienced  Business & Community Specialist

  • Research Joint Venture Relationships
  • Develop Relationships with Business and Community
  • Plan and Accomplish Goals

During our no-cost, no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation you will be invited to share your goals and current business struggles with me, Stephanie, so we can better match our services with your dream!

Weekly rates starting as low as $150!



You may view specific marketing packages PLUS read what my awesome clients RAVE about!


Today is your day to make a positive change in your business ~ Let’s talk!

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